WLTS Series

Foundation Series

Ever find the Bible to be intimidating? Ever ask yourself, “Where do I even begin?” In our Basic Foundation Series, you’ll be able to see the framework of the Bible from cover to cover — a great starting point for anyone who wants to discover or re-discover God’s Word. Gain a holistic understanding of Scripture and how it relates to God’s plan and purpose for you today.

Leadership Series

Looking to lead many people to Jesus someday? Embark on this program to grow your personal relationship with God, while gaining the necessary leadership skills for strengthening the body of Christ.

Mission Series

Have you wondered what it would it be like to teach the Bible in a new environment? Or simply, how to share the gospel with a friend or co-worker? This series will teach you how the Great Commission has brought change to the whole world and equip you with the tools to be part of that change.

Hear from a Student

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“This program is the equalizer - no matter what church or background you come from, it unites believers of Christ for the same purpose, to love and share the gospel.”

Sean Scott WLTS Student